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Testimonials require patience and good ethics to acquire. My goal is 50! I believe my worth can be measured by how worthy I’ve been to others. Stop back in a few months to see how I’m doing.

Philip joined our school when we were just starting, in 1990. Because of his friendly manner and charismatic personality, we opened with just a handful of students and grew to nearly 200 within a year. In a word, we were all amazed. Few teachers have the ability to instill loyalty in students that Philip has. I'd say he has a natural gift for interaction.

Eiko Yamazaki

Owner, Will English

Our teacher Mr. Harding always tries very hard to keep our classes enthusiastic and motivated. As class leader I work with Mr. Harding and he is always available to join us for activities and other events. His class is fast-paced, modern, and a bit challenging, but he always reassures us. We love our dear teacher, Mr. Harding!

'Boss' Huang

University Student

In our exchange lessons with Philip, my listening improved a lot and I really learned how to practice and improve my pronunciation. I usually felt very tense when giving presentations before, but now I can do so with confidence. Giving presentations is even a little fun! Thank you!

Vicky Chen

Government Worker

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